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Half-Page Print Black & White Newspaper Advertisement

Half-page black and white print advertisement that can be customized with your messaging and branding; sized to align with general newspaper sizing requirements.

Radio Advertisement

30-second radio advertisement that can be customized with your messaging and branding

Northern Climate EF Calculator

Calculate energy factor (EF) based on input variables measured in testing

Homeowner Quick Reference Guide

Getting the most of our your heat pump water heater

Direct-Mail Postcard

Templates that can be customized for direct-mail marketing

Best Practices Installation Guide

Tips on optimizing performance, increasing customer satisfaction, and ensuring quality installations

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Installation Tips Sheet

Installation tips for DIY homeowners specific to the additional steps required to install a heat pump water heater

Contractor Sales Training Presentation

Help your customers make the best water heating decisions.

Featured Resource

Qualified Products List (QPL)

A list of products that have been tested and found to be compliant to the Northern Climate Specification