The Newest Generation Heat Pump Water Heater

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A. O. Smith’s new Voltex® AL heat pump water heater (HPWH), or HPTS unit, is engineered with the contractor in mind.

With all new product features, the tank’s adaptable design gives you more installation options in a variety of household configurations and replacement scenarios—including rooms down to 450 cubic feet.

Outlined below are the product features of the Voltex® AL.

High Efficiency

With up to a 4.02 Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) rating, the Voltex® AL can save your customers up to $521 per year on utility bills and reduce cost of water heating up to 78%*, compared to a standard electric water heater.

*Comparing 66-gallon Voltex® AL heat pump against pre-2015 similarly sized standard electric using DOE EF to UEF conversion rates. Savings may vary.

Top or Front Plumbing

The Voltex® AL offers both top or front water connections, allowing installers to determine the most suitable option for unique installation conditions including restricted spaces and complex household layouts.

Space Requirements

A. O. Smith recently approved both the Voltex® AL and the previous generation Voltex® electric hybrid water heaters to be installed in indoor volumetric spaces less than 750 cubic feet, to a minimum of 450 cubic feet. This provides increased opportunity for installations in smaller spaces without the requirement of additional ducting or venting.

Learn more about the 2022 Volumetric Constraint Study conducted by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) and Larson Energy Research.

A. O. Smith installation manuals and have been recently updated to reflect current volumetric space requirements. Visit A. O. Smith's website for more information on specific products space requirements, warranties, and specification sheets.

Zero Clearance Design

The Voltex® AL’s intake and exhaust ducts are located on top of the unit. This allows for flexible installation with zero clearance requirements on the sides and back of tank to maintain flexible install and optimized tank operation efficiency.


If a particular installation requires ducting, the Voltex® AL is equipped with built-in duct transitions - eliminating the need for duct adaptors or accessory kits. NEEA recommends that if ducting is necessary to only duct inside to inside or outside to outside, but never across the building envelope (i.e., one direction or the other).

Maximum lengths account for duct reducers*

*Minimum 12” of flexible ducting should be installed before transitioning to rigid ducting for noise/vibration isolation

CTA-2045/EcoPort Connectivity

The Voltex® AL has a built-in EcoPort communications device to maintain compliance with state regulatory requirements.

Smart App

The Voltex® AL can connect to the iCOMM™ connectivity platform. Using the iCOMM Smart Connectivity app, your customers can monitor and control their water heater functions from their smart phone, including setting operational modes and adjusting the water temperature. Additionally, they can choose to receive notifications about their Voltex® AL, as well as alerts for when the unit requires service.

For customers who have opted into demand response or time-of-use programs, the iCOMM™ Smart Connectivity app offers a feature that prioritizes heating when electricity is inexpensive, allowing them to schedule when to receive hot water while saving energy.

Leak Protection Technology

For added peace of mind, the Voltex® AL has built-in leak protection technology. If a leak happens to occur, the tank utilizes smart sensors to alert the user and enables the automatic shutoff valve to cutoff water supply. The controls also regulate and monitor the depletion of the anode rod to support an extended life of the anode—and even notifies the consumer when it requires replacement.


The Voltex® AL offers a decibel rating of 45 dBA, or about the equivalency of a modern dishwasher, achieved through innovative fan design and insulation of internal components. This tank is currently the quietest in the industry.

Operating Temperature Cutoff

With a new operating cutoff temperature of 37°F, the Voltex® AL allows for an extended efficient operation through the year.

Learn more about the Voltex® AL on A. O. Smith's website.

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