120V Heat Pump Water Heater Product Overview

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With customer and contractor curiosity growing about 120V (plug-in) Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWHs), we put together this overview of available 120V products and their ideal applications. Use this resource to determine which HPWH is right for your customer’s home.

120V Overview

Available 120V Products

  • Rheem Performance Platinum Plug-in Heat Pump with HydroBoost
    • Shared circuit design
    • Available in 40-, 50-, 65-, and 80-gallon capacities
  • Rheem ProTerra Plug-in Heat Pump
    • Dedicated circuit design
    • Available in 40- and 50-gallon capacities
  • A. O. Smith, Nyle, General Electric, and a few other manufacturers currently have products in development

120V Product Features

  • Plugs directly into a standard wall outlet
  • Easy access side connections
  • Compressor size is comparable to that of a standard HPWH in most models, or about 1/3 ton
    • One model is equipped with a one-ton compressor, allowing the water to heat faster while also making the room cool down faster
  • Certain models come fully equipped with a thermostatic mixing valve attached
  • Certain models require a dedicated circuit, while other models only require a shared circuit
  • Demand Response ready, equipped with EcoPort (CTA-2045) connectivity connection

Ideal Installation Applications

  • Targeted primarily for traditionally hot climates, or areas where incoming water temperature is always 55°F or higher
  • If there is limited amperage size on the circuit panel, 120V products make a viable option as long as there is sufficient air volume for intake

Product Recommendations

  • Size up to ensure adequate hot water availability and maximize household savings: For example, if replacing a 50-gallon tank, recommend the customer replace with a 65-gallon 120V HPWH
  • 120V products are a good fit where electrical panel size is limited and/or there are barriers to an electrical upgrade
  • When 25amp or 30amp breakers are available at 240 volts, 240V HPWHs are recommended

See the Advanced Water Heating Specification 8.0 for more details on requirements, testing, and listing criteria.

Further details and recommendations can be found in the installation manuals for each manufacturer.

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