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The most efficient way to heat water with electricity.

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See why a heat pump water heater is the same, but better.

With a heat pump water heater, you can enjoy all the benefits of your current electric water heater while paying less than half as much for hot water. Since heat pump water heaters are built to last, your savings will, too.

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What are the benefits of a heat pump water heater?

With a heat pump water heater, you'll get:

  • Efficiency - Reduce water-heating energy consumption by up to 60% when you make the switch from a standard electric water heaters
  • Cost savings - Save up to 10% on your household electric bill
  • Reliability- Heat pump water heaters provide the same reliable hot water you're used to
  • Utility rebates and tax credits - Collect up to $1,985 by combining utility rebates with tax credits*
  • Control - Dial in efficiency and find the setting that best meets your hot water needs

*Utility rebate and tax credit amounts and availability are subject to change. Please contact your utility for more information on program requirements and eligibility. Consult a tax professional for additional information on tax credits.

How Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Work?

Heat pump water heaters use electricity to move heat from one place to another instead of generating heat directly. This process makes them two to three times more energy efficient than standard electric water heaters and can cut water-heating costs by up to 60%. Heat pump water heaters have tank gallon capacities similar to standard electric models, with the same range of temperatur ajustments.

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Where Can I Install a Heat Pump Water Heater?

Heat pump water heaters can be installed in a variety of locations, including unheated areas such as garages, basements and utility rooms. Heat pump water heaters are slightly larger than standard electric water heaters and require more clearance. Even so, they can usually be installed where your existing water heater was.

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What are Tiers?

Energy efficiency levels and features of heat pump water heaters vary by product tier. Higher tier products have greater efficiency and the more advanced product features.

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