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Sales + Marketing

Attract new customers and close the deal with heat pump water heater sales materials, shareable videos, and plug-and-play marketing templates that can be customized for your business.

Direct-Mail Postcard

Templates that can be customized for direct-mail marketing

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Installation Tips Sheet

Installation tips for DIY homeowners specific to the additional steps required to install a heat pump water heater

Utility Participation List

List of participating utilities with their rebate amounts. Please contact your local utility for rebate eligibility requirements.

HPWH Messaging Research

2015 consumer research results about perceptions, attitudes and awareness of Heat Pump Water Heaters and Ductless Heat Pumps.

HPWH Messaging

These messaging guidelines provide research-backed templates and copy points to use in consumer marketing efforts.

Google AdWords Keywords & Ad Copy

Use these keywords and plug-and-play ad copy for targeted search campaigns in Google AdWords.

5 Common Myths and Tips When Selling Heat Pump Water Heaters

While today’s heat pump water heaters are a great option for customers, there are still misconceptions. This article in Contractor Magazine debunks five common myths about HPWHs, and provides actionable strategies to build your sales.