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A.O. Smith University Heat Pump Water Heater Support

An overview of heat pump water heater technology, features and benefits, as well as installation and application guidance.

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Advanced Water Heater Specification

This specification provides guidance for water heater products that meet and exceed ENERGY STAR criteria, provide high levels of customer satisfaction and improve energy performance in a range of climates.

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Qualified Products List (QPL)

A list of products that have been tested and found to be compliant to the Northern Climate Specification

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Hot Water Solutions Image Library

Hot Water Solutions provides participating installers and utility partners with downloadable photo assets to be used in marketing and promotional materials.This library contains heat pump water heater-specific lifestyle, product and installation images. View the image usage guidelines to learn more about how these images may be used in your marketing materials.

Hybrid Electric Water Heater Sizing Guide

A properly sized heat pump water heater is more likely to meet the homeowner’s expectations of performance and savings. Use this guide when talking with customers about sizing a heat pump water heater.

A.O. Smith Heat Pump Water Heaters (Consumer Video)

This video gives homeowners an overview of the features and benefits of A.O. Smith's electric hybrid heat pump water heaters.

Social Media Video Content

Draft social media copy to pair with a video from Hot Water Solutions resource library.

Rheem Proterra Product Spec Sheet

Rheem Proterra hybrid electric water heater product spec sheet.

Rheem Proterra Product Training and Overview

Overview of Rheem's Proterra HPWH product line, including product specs, features and benefits, and installation considerations.

Heat Pump Water Heaters Provide Big Savings (:15 video for social media)

Download this consumer video to use in your marketing efforts by clicking on the Vimeo logo in the above window, then select the DOWNLOAD button just below the video title.