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Tools for Heat Pump Water Heater Installers

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Fall is here, meaning water heater season has begun. As business picks up, it’s a good time to reacquaint yourself with some of the popular tools and resources we offer:

1. Heat Pump Water Heater Trainings

Hot Water Solutions offers three levels of installer training:

  1. Installer Orientation Training: An hourlong interactive webinar introducing the tools needed to increase sales and customer satisfaction with heat pump water heaters.
  2. Sales and Technology Training: This class provides an overview of heat pump water heater technology, the market drivers that impact product demand and sales, how to qualify prospects and installation locations, the product benefits and overcoming customer objections. The course is worth 2 continuing education credits for Oregon and Washington installers.
  3. Brand Specific Advanced Training: This course focuses on how to address installation barriers related to spacing and venting, managing condensate, proper sizing for households, operating modes and troubleshooting. Representatives from Rheem or Bradford White will be in attendance. The course is worth 2 continuing education credits for Oregon installers.

Learn more and register online.

2. Heat Pump Water Heater vs Standard Electric Comparison and Sales Sheet

This piece outlines the benefits of heat pump water heaters compared to standard electric heaters, focusing on at attributes that consumers generally consider when they are planning to purchase a new water heater. On the back side, there is an explanation of how heat pump water heaters work and a table showing estimated annual savings based on the size of the household. There are also blank spaces in which you can jot down utility incentives contact information.

Available online as a PDF or in pads of 25 that can be torn off and given to your customers.

3. Utility Incentive Lists

These lists show utility incentives available for heat pump water heaters in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, along with specific requirements where applicable. This is a good resource to have on hand for quick lookups when you’re unable to use the online rebate finder, or for sharing with customers.

Available online as printable PDFs: Idaho & Eastern Washington, Montana, Oregon & SW Washington, Washington.

4. Tax Credit Blog Post

This recent blog post explains the $300 federal tax credit to consumers, emphasizing that in order to qualify, their heat pump water heater must be installed by December 31, 2020. It also details the state tax credit available in Montana.

Available online.

5. Heat Pump Water Heater Buyer’s Guide

This comprehensive guide was developed for homeowners considering purchasing a heat pump water heater. It covers:

  • Reasons to invest in efficiency
  • How heat pump water heaters work
  • When is it time to replace your water heater?
  • Things to consider before you buy
  • Getting the most out of your heat pump water heater
  • Buying guidance

Consider linking to this guide from your website, posting it on social media and sharing with your customers who might be good candidates for a heat pump water heater.

Available online.

6. Heat Pump Water Heater Landing Page

If you are interested in hosting a heat pump water heater-specific page on your website, Hot Water Solutions can provide assets including a wireframe, copy and images. Landing pages are great ways to generate leads while informing your customers about heat pump water heater benefits and technology.

Available upon request.

7. Hot Water Solutions Resources for Consumers

Our consumer-facing website encourages visitors to learn about heat pump water heaters and discover that they could be a great fit for their home. The site also features a handy utility incentive lookup tool and a blog with useful information.

8. Hot Water Solutions Resources for Partners

Our Partners website has tools, information and training you need to understand, sell and install heat pump water heaters. Categories on the site include Sales and Marketing, Training, Tech Specs and Manufacturer Product Support, and Market Research.

9. ENERGY STAR® Marketing Presentation

This PowerPoint deck contains an overview of ENERGY STAR’s 2020 water heater marketing campaign, along with links to resources, videos, fact sheets and infographics. Available online.