5 Things You Should Know About Electric Hybrid Water Heater Customers

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Each year, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) publishes a report on the Hot Water Solutions program’s impact by gathering the latest electric hybrid water heater (EHWH) market trends and customer opinions.

Here’s what the latest report revealed about EHWH customers:

1. Homeowner awareness of EHWHs has doubled since 2016

In 2021, it’s estimated over half of Northwest homeowners are aware of EHWHs, which is more than double the consumer awareness from five years ago.

A recent survey found over 50% of homeowners are hearing about EHWHs though friends, acquaintances, and internet research. This same survey also indicated that out of all homeowners who purchased a water heater in the previous three years, nearly two-thirds said their installer had recommended an EHWH and they had taken the recommendation. Next time you speak with a customer, try recommending EHWHs to help solidify their confidence in the product and make the sale.

2. Purchasers are highly satisfied with their EHWHs

When surveyed, over 90% of EHWH purchasers reported being satisfied with their EHWH unit, including aspects from product performance, hot water supply, maintenance requirements, and changes in electricity bills, and 98% of respondents who owned an EHWH said they have recommended (69%) or would recommend (29%) an EHWH to their friends and family.

Word is spreading—people love their electric hybrid water heaters.

3. Most EHWH purchases for existing homes are planned replacements

Only around 35% of surveyed homeowners said they purchased a new water heater in an emergency situation, or the water heater they replaced was old, in need of repair, or close to failure.

The replacement market opportunity is strong in the Northwest — 31% of Oregon homeowners and 22% of Washington homeowners currently own a water heater that is over 10 years old:

If you’re assisting a customer with another plumbing project, consider looking at the age of their current water heater, providing resources about EHWHs, and/or offering a bid for replacement with an EHWH to gain more business.

4. EHWH owners indicated excellent reliability

Only 5% of surveyed purchasers had contacted a professional to perform repairs or provide service on their EHWH, and 96% were satisfied with the EHWHs maintenance requirements. As EHWH technology evolves, product reliability rates are improving, triggering fewer callbacks and complaints from customers, leaving you with more time to spare.

5. Purchasers of EHWHs cite energy efficiency as a primary driver of their purchase decision

Nearly 90% of EHWH purchasers agreed that energy efficiency is their first consideration when choosing mechanical systems within the home.

It’s no secret that EHWHs are the most energy efficient water heater on the market, with the unique ability to pay for itself over the life of the tank - something no other water heater can say. Based on average average utility rates, your customer can save up to 10% on their energy bill, or about $3,500 over the life of the water heater!

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