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Hot Water Solutions works hand-in-hand with distributors and manufacturers to make heat pump water heaters the preferred electric water heater choice in the Northwest.

Hot Water Solutions encourages the development of heat pump water heater technology that meets the needs of Northwest consumers, increases customer satisfaction and paves the way for increased market adoption in the Northwest.

Hot Water Solutions can help you:

  • Spread the word about technical trainings
  • Announce new products
  • Stay informed of technical product performance
  • Share homeowner feedback
  • Notify utility partners about product promotions and opportunities to help drive sales

Participation is easy. Get in touch with us and we can help you get involved.

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Qualifying Products

There are many Advanced Water Heater Specification qualified heat pump water heater models on the market. Use the Advanced Water Heater Specification Qualified Products List to see which models are available in each tier.

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Hot Water Solutions performs quality assurance (QA) inspections in the field to evaluate heat pump water heater installations.

These QA inspections help us verify

  • Equipment and site details
  • Installation Location
  • Installation best practices
  • Homeowner education

QA findings are shared with utilities and other stakeholders in the Northwest in an effort to advance heat pump water heater awareness, adoption, and technology.

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Hot Water Solutions can work with you to develop promotions to drive sales of heat pump water heaters. Please contact for more information.

What are Tiers?

Energy efficiency levels and features of heat pump water heaters vary by product tier. Higher tier products have greater efficiency and the more advanced product features.

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The higher the energy factor, the more efficient the water heater.